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Florida Ghost Chapter is a CGH (Certified Ghost Hunter), Official Member of UPMA (Universal Parapsychological Metaphysical Association).

Florida Ghost Chapter is made up of dedicated members and investigators, that research and investigate the Paranormal. We have proven through our findings that life does exist after death as we know it. Our site is updated weekly. All of our documentation from our investigations are taken with digital cameras so there is no development process, and there can be no light leakage in the photos.

If you have some interesting photos for us to evaluate please send them off to us with a release that we may publish them now or at a future date. Florida Ghost Chapter holds regular meetings and investigations. We are always investigating new areas. We are always looking for new areas to research investigate. When we do a research investigation, we spend some time with follow up visits on that particular site. We research that particular site to learn as much history as possible of it. If you have any unexplained occurances in your place of business and or home that you would like Florida Ghost Chapter to investigate please email us at:

Or you may reach us at (TBA)

Most of our investigations are held in the evenings since there are less distractions